The lemlem Resort 2020 collection was inspired by the naturally bohemian and stylish traveler, with a deliberate eclecticism and a luxe holiday spirit in mind. With the launch of the first-ever lemlem swim line, we were inspired to create an air of calm sophistication using deep, saturated colors, with a simplicity that is fresh and timeless. The softening of color allowed us to experiment with texture, and brings with it a new appreciation for fabric and technique.

After selecting a few of our unique Ethiopian hand woven patterns developed for this Resort season, we partnered with a French fabric mill to recreate the patterns in unique jacquard swim fabrics, exclusive to lemlem. The result being a stylish, chic swimwear line complemented by the gauzy Resortwear known and loved by lemlem customers worldwide. It is a perfect match and extension into this new product range, which is also made using sustainable practices and ethically manufactured in Africa.